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I do consulting work with Producers & Directors, subject to my time availability. Read on...

I am asked at least several times per month if I'd be willing to represent one's movie and help them find distribution. Please understand, I'm not a producer rep, nor am I interested in representing others' films. One of the main reasons I began giving classes on film distribution, is because of the endemic incompetence and/or thievery that Producers & Directors suffer from at the hands of so many in the distribution arena. AND the absolute incompetence of most producer reps.

Thus, my Master Class was born, and now my 3-Day Distribution Program -- which can be taken anywhere, anytime. If you need help with distribution, I encourage you to get the 3-Day Program now. You will receive what you need in this Program to achieve your goal.

No other producer in the world teaches the material that I present, to really attain successful distribution. (While there have been a few venturing into doing seminars on this subject over the past few years, no one covers the ground I do.) I've created this course so that once you take it, you KNOW what to do, HOW to do it, and HAVE the resources to assist you (which includes all the distribution lists you would need).

If after my 3-Day Program or Master Class you desire further assistance/guidance, feel free to contact me to discuss. If I have availability, my rate is $300 per hour.

A few of my services:

Personalize a strategy for you to achieve distribution, based on your movie and your goals. (In truth, you should be able to do this yourself, once you get the 3-Day Distribution Program.)

Personalize a strategy for a theatrical release, if: 1) desiring to utilize a Service Deal arrangement with a distributor; or
2) DIY'ing it yourself into theaters. ("DIY" means "do it yourself.")

Review your marketing materials (movie poster, press kit, etc.) and advise on any needed changes/improvments for increasing distributors' responses, or engaging your audience more effectively if going the DIY route.

Train you how to build an audience on Facebook. (Includes creating posts that are more effective and will have a better chance of being seen by more people. And for those wishing to advertise, creating ads that are more effective than the average ad.) Like it or not, Facebook is a very important tool for reaching potential audience today. Of all the social media sites/platforms, Facebook is the single greatest way to build a national or global audience for your film, due to their targeting and hyper-targeting capabilities.

Current research shows that Facebook accounts for 83% of people's time on social media sites. All the other main ones? Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ only account for 17% of people's time, combined. So if you're one of those Producers/Directors who hate Facebook, I can empathize with you on that, BUT, Facebook is a necessary tool today which gives you access to 1/6th of the entire planet.

Review distribution offers you're receiving from Distributors and evaluating them with you.
[Please note, I am not an attorney. The advice I provide is to assist you in evaluating: a) if the offer is good; b) if the offer is equitable in the current climate; c) the major deal points that should be negotiated if the contract isn't drafted fairly; and d) if the deal is right for you, based on your goals.]

Below are two Package options if you need more than an hour or two of my time. Please check with me first regarding my availability before purchasing either of these options. (Consulting may be used all at once, or in increments as needed.)


Package 1: $1250

This is a 4 Hour Block of Consulting + 1 Bonus Hour, for 5 Hours Total ($1500 Value)

For secure credit card or bank payment:

All major credit cards accepted

Package 2: $2100

This is a 7 Hour Block of Consulting + the 3-Day DVD Program ($2700 Value)

For secure credit card or bank payment:

All major credit cards accepted

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