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"I can't say enough about Jerome's Program! It's fun, sincere, candid and informed. You can't put a price on the information he teaches -- but avoiding the pitfalls of distribution could save you north of $50,000!"
-- Kerry David, Producer of 7 Movies including
"Agent Cody Banks," "My Date With Drew,"
"Like Dandelion Dust"

"GREAT Program! What makes Jerome's material so powerful is his personal experiences in the trenches. He fills a gap in most filmmakers' education and provides a roadmap for the often murky and ever-changing world of distribution. His Program is important, valuable, and one that filmmakers of all levels can benefit from in getting their movies out there."
-- Doug Atchison, Director/Writer,
"Akeelah and the Bee"

"Since the class I attended, I've sold 2 films to Lionsgate and I have a 3rd that I'm shooting for them. Everything Jerome says -- as much as I fought it initially -- is right on!"
-- Bobby Leigh, Producer/Director,
"Unraveled," "Experiment In Torture"

"Incredible Program. Never before has a film producer put together a step-by-step approach to navigating the world of distribution. Taking this course is a MUST for any producer or director who's serious about having success. To not understand the marketplace and how to work it, is financial suicide for your movie. Don't do that. Don't be one of those filmmakers who think they know everything. Get this phenomenal 'Secrets To Distribution' Program, understand what you need to do to have success, then do it!"
-- Darin Scott, Producer of 9 Movies including
"Menace II Society," "Tales from the Hood,"
"To Sleep With Anger," "Love and a .45"

"Jerome Courshon's 'Secrets To Distribution' Program illuminates the fact that perseverance, hard work, and research are essential to a filmmaker's success. Realizing the steps we can take to affect the fate of our film is empowering, and Courshon's advice is tailored to lead producers into taking power into their own hands!"
-- Chase Masterson, Actress,
"Star Trek: Deep Space 9" and numerous other Film/TV credits; Producer, "Yesterday Was a Lie,"
"Through Your Eyes"

"Without Jerome's information and resources, I'd never have gotten distribution through Warner Bros. for my 'no name' feature. Not in a million years!"
-- Vince Rocca, Producer, "Kisses & Caroms,"
"The Ghostmaker"

"Wow! It's about time someone created a road map for this crazy complicated world of movie distribution. As film producers we need to know how to distribute our own films. It's not just about producing them anymore. What's the point if no one goes to see it? Finally, with Jerome's 3-Day 'Distribution School' DVD Series, we not only have the knowledge to distribute our films, but we get to make money doing it! It doesn't get any better than this!"
-- Suzanne Lyons, Producer of 10 Movies
including "Undertaking Betty" and
"The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things";
also Co-Founder of the Flash Forward Institute

"One of the dark secrets in the movie biz is that it feeds on ignorance. 'They' don't really want you to know, no matter what 'they' say. It's the reason most filmmakers never make a second movie -- they get so burned on the first one that it finishes them off. A filmmaker's simple investment in this Program changes that dramatically.

Jerome has created a course that cuts through the crap and delivers a distilled education in film distribution that is more complete, thorough and accurate than anything I've ever seen. Buy this and save yourself the money and agony of 20 other books & videos -- or more importantly, the lost opportunities for your film and/or bad distribution deals. This Program is as important an investment in filmmaking as a camera or editing system -- it's that good!"
-- Stefan Avalos, Producer/Director,
"The Last Broadcast," "The Ghosts of Edendale," "The Game"

"Jerome Courshon's 'The Secrets To Distribution' course enabled me to get my distribution deal done! It is an essential tool for any filmmaker who wants to successfully navigate through the complicated world of distribution. His real world examples, solid advice and passion for the subject helped me land U.S./Canada and International deals for Limited Theatrical, DVD, VOD and Television -- even though I had NO experience or contacts."
-- Romanus Wolter, Director/Writer/Producer,
"Doggie B" in the U.S. & Canada;
"Doggie Boogie" Internationally

"I have sold my movie, 'Life's an Itch.' I watched Jerome's Program over the duration from inception of my film to final editing, and I can honestly say that every time I viewed a new segment, I walked away with nuggets of wisdom & advice that helped me along the way. We are now fulfilling the final deliverables on our movie and it will be at the upcoming MIPCOM and AFM shows. I can't say we couldn't have done it without you, because we did it with you! Thank you!"
-- Kevin Kent, Director/Writer/Producer,
"Life's an Itch"; also Founding Board Member of the New Media Council, Producers Guild of America

"As we often say at our magazine, being a successful independent filmmaker is often more about mastering the business side of this industry than the artistic side. With a clear eye, straightforwardness, humor -- and the all-credible voice of personal experience -- Jerome Courshon breaks down the distribution process in a comprehensive, step-by-step Program that's tailored to the filmmaker seeking distribution in today's complex, fast-changing marketplace.

Distribution is the most difficult phase of the filmmaking process, but it's also the one that's most critical for an independent producer to personally understand. I've been publishing MovieMaker Magazine for 20 years, and until Jerome, there wasn't any other instructor or producer who walked you through this process in a way that could dramatically improve your chances of actually making money. Perhaps it can be said that your moviemaking journey is as unique as your film itself, and it's possible that even with all the information in Jerome's 'Secrets To Distribution' Program, you may not hit a homerun. But I do know this: You absolutely won't reach your distribution goals without it."
-- Timothy Rhys, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, MovieMaker Magazine

"This is great! Your information is invaluable, and I could not have produced & distributed my film without the valuable information I learned from you during pre-production."
-- Hilari Scarl, Producer/Director, "See What I'm Saying"

"'The Secrets To Distribution' is a comprehensive guide of the treacherous waters of film distribution. A tremendous goldmine of how to go about distribution and the major pitfalls to avoid!"
-- JoBlo.com

"This 3-Day 'Distribution School' on DVD contains a ton of valuable material. Anyone willing to put in the time and effort to understand the distribution business and how to realize success, will benefit from this DVD Program."
-- Documentary Magazine

"When I took Jerome's course, I had been on the festival circuit for 6 months and thought I'd done everything possible to sell my film. I was wrong. This course was such a great breath of fresh air -- and showed me how much I didn't know about the distribution game! Informative and well worth every penny, I got a distribution deal 2 months later with a cash advance.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about selling their movie. The knowledge that Jerome doles out is invaluable. As a filmmaker, it is a gift you need to give yourself."
-- Lanre Olabisi, Producer/Director,
"August the First"

"I've been a working actor for over 25 years and have relationships with many mainstream Distributors. When it was time to distribute my first feature film, I thought I knew it all. Jerome not only opened my eyes but opened doors, with my movie getting picked up for a nationwide release. Is Jerome's class worth it? You can't even put a price tag on the knowledge and connections that you'll get from his course."
-- Jeff Rector, Writer/Director/Producer, "Revamped"

"If you're an indie filmmaker, don't even think about trying to sell your film without taking Jerome's class. It's worth 3 times the price."
-- Ricardo Gale, Director/Cinematographer

"Overall it was very informative and well worth the money. This class has surely saved me thousands in time, avoidable expenses and effort!"
-- Jewel Love, Producer

"This class reveals the secrets to the last real mystery that eludes the independent filmmaker. Jerome gives you an easy to understand, step by step how-to that opens Hollywood's kimono, exposing you to the people, companies and most important, the right strategies to employ and the pitfalls to avoid in the harrowing black art that is selling your film."
-- David Lawrence, Producer

"I got more out of this class on distribution than I have from reading books, participating in distribution meetings and a couple of $425 an hour sessions with my entertainment attorney. Jerome provided clear and compelling information on the distribution side of the movie business. Anyone that takes this class ... will come away with tremendous knowledge and executable ideas to implement."
-- John Demers, President, MCAI - Raleigh Durham Chapter

"Jerome speaks from experience in the film production/distribution trenches. His no-nonsense approach and insider information style helps you relate even if you haven't shot a frame of film. This class is worth the contacts and candid insights alone."
-- Joseph Armando Moncayo, Director/Writer

"Finally a class on distribution that is practical. Jerome Courshon does not hold back on giving the information you need to make the right decisions in getting distribution."
-- Claude Laniado, Producer

"Thank you so much for shaving years off the distribution education game!"
-- Lauren Smith, Producer/Writer

"Just a word of thanks for your extremely informative class last Saturday. The best money I have spent in a long time."
-- Bart Ely, Producer/Writer

"Very informative. I wish I took this class a year ago, before I began the festival circuit!"
-- Antonio Jeraci, Producer/Director,
"20 Something"

"Having successfully been through the distribution process, I didn't feel there was much more to learn. I was wrong! Not only does Jerome hand out proprietary class materials, he shows you step by step how to use them. I have no doubt 'The Longest Shadow' will be our most profitable movie yet. Thanks Jerome!"
-- James Nicholson, Producer/Director

"Awesome, practical, told from experience. It's given me the perspective and tools to strategize the production and distribution of my next project. Thank you."
-- Virginie Danglades, Director/Writer

"Jerome provided the most comprehensive information about film distribution that I could imagine getting in one place. I will recommend him with enthusiasm to all my filmmaker friends. It was fabulous! Thank you so much!!"
-- Kate Atkinson, Producer

"Jerome's course is a definite eye-opener to the entire distribution pipeline. An invaluable resource for the independent filmmaker."
-- Jin Lee, Executive Producer

"Jerome dispelled some of the myths and mystique of this industry, focusing on the business aspects which are so important to really making money on one's movie. Thank you!"
-- Martha Holder, Executive Producer

"I really learned a lot. Most interesting was the information on service deal theatrical. Also has taught me how I need to focus more on my marketing efforts. I really wish that I had taken this class before my first feature."
-- Mary-Beth Taylor, Producer, "The Skeptic," "Dorian Blues"

"It was great! The insight you provided is invaluable. Thank you, Jerome. Your candor has shed light on an industry that seems to have insurmountable barriers to entry."
-- Matt Douglas, Director/Writer

"Jerome's class was invaluable in reminding me of all the packaging and marketing issues for any film project, and in spelling out the specifics of how to do this. Jerome doesn't just say, 'you must do A and B and C,' he also tells you what to present for each opportunity and where to find the contact and background information for each type of opportunity."
-- Jim McQuaid, Leader, Filmmakers SIG, MCAI - Raleigh Durham Chapter

"Jerome did a very good job of a step by step guide and breaking down a very complex subject and making it understandable. I really appreciated how he made himself available for private Q & A as well."
-- Kevin Booth, Director/Producer

"Jerome's class was excellent. I learned a tremendous amount of information. I now feel that getting distribution for my film is a very attainable goal."
-- Jeff Burns, Producer/Director

"I was learning a lot from my Film Business class at school, but your 1-Day course really, truly opened my mind and helped me to bring my film to life! I deeply, deeply appreciate your openness in sharing your treasured experiences and knowledge with us!"
-- Xiaojing (Jane) Liu, Producer/Director

"Loved the honest, straightforward approach and factual information as well as Jerome's valuable hard-learned advice and opinions."
-- John Coleman, President, MCAI - Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter

"Jerome was helpful and informative. His knowledge and insight of the industry made a complex issue very interesting."
-- George Ayres, Producer/Writer

"Great class. Thank you for the road map through the distribution maze. Great handouts!"
-- Jonathan Haug, Director

"I loved your passion, enthusiasm, knowledge and humor. I learned aspects of marketing a film that were clearly out of my awareness, so thanks!
-- Melanie Wise, Producer

"Thank you for the clarity of the presentation and your passionate delivery. Your honesty is very engaging and makes the information more useful as it's presented without attitude."
-- Raymond Singer, Writer/Director

"Thank you, Jerome, for your undying enthusiasm and passion for teaching us through your own experience for yes & no's of the distribution process. This is a wonderful course! I finally understand the distribution process from A to Z and feel more confident going into this."
-- Darby Doran

"Your generosity is refreshing and amazing. Thank you!"
-- John DeNatale, Writer

"Excellent class. Great handouts. Not boring. Jerome knows his stuff!!!"
-- Claudine Liss, Producer/Director